Saturday, August 28, 2010

Growing teeth

Who knew growing a couple of baby teeth was such hard work? (Yes, I realize they aren't "growing" but that's the easiest way to describe it.)

Benton has been showing signs of teething for a month now. But the last couple of weeks have been particularly rough. Especially at night.

The most helpful tricks have been cold teething rings and frozen washcloths. Unfortunately, those only work for the four or five minutes that they stay cold. Also, Benton hasn't quite mastered the skill of holding something up to his mouth. He pushes the teething ring away and then gets mad that he's not chewing on it anymore. Silly baby. So, he mostly chews on my shoulder or my fingers.

I can deal with all the drool on my shoulder. The worst part is the Restless Baby Syndrome. He wakes himself up at night with all his squirming, kicking and punching. The easiest and fastest way to get him back to sleep is to put him in the bed with us. Which leads to us being kicked and punched.

So, if he's in his bed, I get up a hundred times to put the pacifier back in him mouth and try to pat him back to sleep. If he's in our bed, he sleeps better but he wiggles himself into my armpit and punches me in the head. It's a Catch 22, really.

The night waking wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't sleeping 8-10 hours a night before the teething. But he was. And I miss it. Let's get the show on the road, baby teeth. Grow already.


  1. Poor Baby! Teething can be very rough! Jack doesn't like the frozen teething ring because he wants to hold it and it makes his hands too then he starts crying about it...

    Hyland's Teething Tablets work REALLY well for Jack. They're homeopathic, too :) And if those don't work, Tylenol. And I don't know if Benton can hold things up to his mouth yet, but Biter Biscuits give them something to chew on. Jack really likes them, but he has to eat them in his diaper and goes straight in the bath afterwards!

    Hope things get better for little Bento Bean!

  2. Yes, teether biscuits are cool. But I agree...straight to the bath afterwards! Thank goodness teething doesn't last forever.