Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Fair to Remember

Our house is divided when it comes to feelings about the county fair. I get excited about going to the fair every fall and love everything about it. Brack, not so much. I am happy to report that after we took Benton to the fair for the first time this weekend, Brack is now outnumbered by fair-lovers in our family. 

No county fair is complete without livestock. This one had goats, chickens, bunnies, sheep, pigs, ponies and cows. Benton thought hearing the cow "moo" was hilarious. I'm glad he now has an experience to call to mind when we ask him what a cow says. Reference is everything, you know. 

Benton rode the carousel, slid down the fun slide and picked a winning rubber duck to get a shiny new stuffed lion. He drank lemonade, watched pigs race, ate a funnel cake and even got up close and personal with a monkey. 

About halfway through our time at the fair, Benton required a diaper change. About this same time, we also discovered we had no wipes. Oops. Enter the lovely Kiwanis Club with their complimentary rugrats play area. Changing table and wipes right in between the corn dogs and the funhouse. Lifesaver. Thanks, Kiwanis!

Benton's first fair experience couldn't have gone any better. I think he might even be able to talk Daddy into going back next year.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Tailgate party

Benton had a great time tailgating for the first college football games of the season. Don't worry, we took his keys away.