Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stamps and turtles

We introduced Benton to a hobby of ours this weekend. It's called letterboxing. If you've never heard of it, you should read up on it. But in short, it combines Brack's love of exploring the outdoors with my love of solving puzzles. Pretty fun.

Sometimes you need a compass. Benton enjoyed navigating for us and then blindly leading us around.
When you find a box, you stamp in to your logbook. This was especially fun for Benton since it involved getting blue ink all over the place.
During our outing, Benton discovered a turtle. I believe we scarred the poor amphibian for life by letting Benton hold it. Sorry, little guy.
While Benton really likes playing outside and picking up rocks, sticks, pinestraw, dirt, or anything else he finds on the ground, he always instantly wipes his hands off when he puts it down. The kid doesn't like dirty hands. 
What a little adventurer. By the way, he's 5 for 7 on his finds. Not bad for his first trip.

Monday, July 11, 2011

One year later

Stepping in the ocean

Hanging out on the beach

Seaweed mustache

Too short for go-karts

Driving the Batmobile

Stone Mountain

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Who needs fireworks?

Last year on July 4th, we didn't take Benton to see any fireworks because we thought his tiny baby self would be afraid of the noise. This year, due to a time zone mishap, we accidentally missed the fiery extravaganza. But we did have ourselves a great time celebrating the holiday weekend with some amazing friends, and that was even better than any light show. (Right, guys?)

We spent the long weekend with the Smiths and the Hankins at the lake. It was a time full of boating, relaxing, eating, laughing and swimming. And only one minor injury (no babies were harmed). Picture to follow for the non-squeamish.

Benton enjoyed some time on the dock, in the water and on the boat with his sweet friend, Caroline. (I didn't get any pictures of the babies in the water. Just trust me that it was cute.)

He cheered on those brave enough to ski (Micah pictured below) and fought to take off his lifejacket the whole time. In his defense, we didn't have one the right size so it did kind of overtake his whole neck and face.

He also learned the art of Battleship. No enemy vessels are safe around this strategist.

And finally, Brack lured him around the house with bacon. Something about salty cured pork attracts toddlers and dogs alike. (Sorry, Coop.)

Oh yeah, here's the picture of Brad's ski wound, with a thumb included for size reference. That guy's too tough for stitches.

Thanks to our friends for an awesome weekend. We enjoyed your company! It made us miss the good ol' days.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vaca2k11 Part Two

While in Orlando Benton got to go to SeaWorld. He saw lots of neat animals and creatures for the first time (and that was just on the way to the parks).

Under the sea with Mom.

Benton took in several shows during the hot part of the day. Just a tip: it is ok for babies to be nude during shows but not fathers apparently.

Benton fed the sea lions and tried to take a bite himself.

This is a Manatee. They are mammals just in case you are wondering. They don’t eat humans.

Kissing Catfish and getting interactive with the wildlife.

Benton taking a power nap and getting ready for the next adventure.