Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Do you know what occurs even less often than my blog posts? Snow in Georgia. So today is a real anomaly because BOTH are happening. Hold on to your hats. (Benton actually said that line today so I thought it relevant to include.)

Since we don't have appropriate cold weather gear for our kids, we just piled on 100 layers of clothing and hoped for the best. Parker, who just started walking a few weeks ago, could barely move. Benton just wanted to eat the snow.

We made snowballs and snow angels with the neighbors before driving to a nearby hill to try our hand at sledding. Benton and Brack had a good run down the hill. We stayed out until both kids got cold and cranky. Brack is still out sledding with the neighbors. Even teachers get to play on a snow day! 

Looking forward to a day home together tomorrow. And yes, we have plenty of milk and bread.