Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Benton 500

Benton's current PR (personal record) for one lap around the coffee table is two minutes and twelve seconds. The distance is about eight feet. That puts his race pace at about 24 hours per mile.

This is a video of the record run. Just so you know the little spots on the table are Cheerios (gotta fuel up on your long runs).

Training from Jordan Hassell on Vimeo.

We have been getting some quality training in here at the Hassell house. Still a long ways off from taking first place at that one mile fun run I signed him up for in May.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Benton's tour of rooms

We love our new house. Lots of rooms for playing.
 A kitchen to bang pots and pans.
A dining room with chairs to pull down to get to my snacks.
A living room with high ceilings that Dad can't even reach with my help.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Benton the Weatherman

We have been watching a lot of weather updates the last few days ever since the "Snowpocalypse" started up. I guess Al Roker has rubbed off on Benton because this afternoon he decided to take things into his own hands.

Benton the Weatherman from Jordan Hassell on Vimeo.

I smell a career in broadcast television. Or that could just be a dirty diaper.


Friday, January 7, 2011

What a difference nine months make

Nine months pregnant

Nine months old


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year, new blog post

Benton's first Christmas was so big, we had to move to make room for all of his stuff. More about the move later. Here's a look into our first Christmas as a family of three.

First stop, Christmas in Alabama. This was Benton's first time opening presents. He enjoyed the wrapping paper and the undivided attention.
Benton with Aunt Sunshine and his favorite wooden spoon

A cool new piano

Aunt Eun-hui teaching him how to play basketball
(What, I don't eat this?)

Christmas morning, the three of us celebrated in Atlanta. We opened a few presents at our apartment and then started a new tradition of our own.
The shiny paper had him confused. 
(Please look closely at how Brack labeled this gift.)

That's my boy, reading those instructions.

There were new snacks in his stocking. Mmm, sugary puffs.

Christmas breakfast will be here from now on.

The Stanley Christmas in Fayetteville rounded out the festivities. More spoiling ensued.
Shoes?!? Are you kidding?

This better be good, Uncle Zach.

My own tools, just like Handy Manny. Except these don't speak Spanish.

This ride is more fun than the toys. Can we take Uncle Jesse home?

Then, we packed up everything we own and moved from our one-bedroom apartment downtown to a three-bedroom house 30 miles south of Atlanta. We're officially in the suburbs. 

The Mollettas were our first official guests. Benton got to spend his first New Year's Eve with his girlfriend. They were both asleep by 8 (in separate bedrooms, of course).

Last picture of 2010. We both became moms this year.

Ready to party!

I'll blog more about our new location later. For now, just know that Benton finally has his own room and now sleeps in a crib for 12 hours straight. That's all we needed for Christmas. 

The new place was a great way to end 2010. It was a pretty amazing year. Looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for us in 2011.