Monday, August 23, 2010

Atlanta firsts

Benton was born into an amazing baseball season in Atlanta. The Bravos are leading their division and are setting up for an exciting post-season. It's been awhile since we could say that.

We didn't want Benton to miss out on the memories, so we made plans to take him to Turner Field for part of the action. He went to his first game a couple of weeks ago and got to see the Braves beat the Giants and take the series. After the initial shock of the loud, sudden cheers from the crowd, he settled in nicely.

Last week, we went to another game. In a very exciting 9th inning, the Braves came from behind to beat the Dodgers. You'll have to take our word for it that we were there because we left the camera in the car. Benton is now 2-0 in his baseball career.

Just three days later, Benton attended his first football game. We saw the Falcons play the Patriots in a pre-season game at the Georgia Dome. (Thanks for the tickets, Ricky!) Unfortunately, the Dirty Birds lost. At least we got to see Tom Brady.

Yesterday, Benton had his first and last visit to the Varsity Jr. restaurant in Atlanta. It was their last day of service after 45 years of business. It was a packed house with lots of faithful customers who were sad to see the doors close. Benton waited patiently in line then watched us eat our hot dogs and onion rings. Happy to be part of their final day and even happier that I can still get my Frosted Orange fix at the North Avenue location.

We're glad to be a part of this city!

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