Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brack Guest Post # 2

Benton and I have taken boredom to a whole new level the last few days. There are only so many episodes of iCarly a man and baby can tolerate.

He suggested we develop some of our hidden talents just in case things get really rough and we have to become street performers to make ends meet.

Benton is a master at the game "Name That Spice". He can correctly identify any spice just by covering the container in drool. His favorite so far is Thyme.

He's also a pretty good offensive coordinator for NCAA Football. Look out Mike Bobo.

Our best act is "The Amazing Balancing Baby". Here is a small clip from our practice today.

Also, Benton started rolling over recently. We are broke and can't afford a play pen so I had to improvise. I think this laundry hamper works pretty well. He is outgrowing it pretty fast though.



  1. oh my goodness! that video is HILARIOUS!!! i'm surprised Benton can stay balanced so well!

  2. That video is classic! Love the playpen idea! See if you can borrow a real one though. We still use ours a good bit, so it's worth it to find one.