Saturday, July 8, 2017


Already we are learning that our frame of reference for "accelerated" and "speedy" is very different from that of the medical world. After receiving a call today to schedule me for another consultation with a neurosurgeon, I had so many questions. I made several calls and left some messages for doctors to help me understand and finally got a call from a PA for the neurosurgeon I saw last week. She filled me in on the notes from the tumor board that met today to review my case.

They do not think it is best to begin treatment without a better picture of what we're actually dealing with. This means they are recommending further tests and imaging to try and determine what type of tumor I have and how they can best treat it.

I have an appointment scheduled with a different neurosurgeon on Thursday who will let me know what tests they want to do and hopefully get those scheduled. They also have a referral in to a neuro-oncologist who I expect to hear from next week.  

We know they want to do another MRI (this time of my brain and my spine) and a lumbar puncture. My prayer is that these tests and whatever others they have planned will give them enough answers so they don't have to do a biopsy, which I've already been told would be risky.

Obviously waiting for the next step is not easy. Brack and I are feeling a little frustrated by the waiting, but we are looking for the good in it. We've enjoyed having my mom here this week and are already counting down the days until our kids are home! (It's 26.)

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  1. Praying our GOD will lay his healing hands on you.
    A friend of your Moms from Vancleave,MS🙏♥️