Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How We Wait

Obligatory warning that this is a post by Brack.

While we were getting ready to leave the hospital after Jordan's procedures, we had some friends visiting with us. One of those friends shared something that has really stuck with us the last ten days or so. His prayer for us is that we would have a deep appreciation for the life we have around us. Also that this would be a time where our family could see the beauty of life.

Little did he know this has been an undercurrent in our family that has slowly been changing us over the last several years. We feel that sense of deep appreciation when we are fully present in the moment. Something especially hard for me because my mind is always thinking ahead. Constantly trying to feel out the future. The last several years have been spent in rebellion to that though. A little community in LaGrange, GA taught us so much about being present and valuing what is right in front of us.

This was a great reminder from our friend because in crisis we have found it is much easier to slip back into autopilot mode. So easy to forget about the present and worry so much about the future. That little reminder though has helped us to acknowledge those very real feelings we have about the future without letting them rob us of the gift of the present.

So here is how we have been drinking deep from the cup of life since leaving the hospital:

Eating fresh cherry pie that a coworker and student made for us.

Smelling beautiful flowers brought by friends.

Eating our weight in cherries (my fingers are stained). Jordan went blueberry picking with a friend and brought back pounds of some of the best blueberries we have ever had.

Gaining a little bit of weight from eating so well. The meal train is keeping us full and happy.
Quiche, pizza, enchiladas, lasagna and fresh baked goods, oh my!

An impromptu archery lesson at a friend's house.

Lots of back porch time reading and soaking in the sounds of nature.

Boardgames (pretty sure Jordan won).

Wetting our whistle in Portland with friends.

Another IKEA trip. Try the breakfast and buy stock now!

Sneaking up to Inspiration Point for a breathtaking sunset.

Jordan's first haircut in a year!

"Life is Uncertain, Don't Sip!"
This sums up our own hopes pretty well right now. 

My hope for anyone reading this is for you to take a deep drink from the cup of life you have in front of you today.




  1. My gosh I love you people. And nice haircut Jordan! See you tomorrow!

  2. This is such a good post. You guys are the best! I love that - "Dont sip." Huge hugs!

  3. This post has really stuck with me since I first read it. You guys are inspiring me!