Thursday, July 13, 2017


I'm typing this post from a hospital bed at OHSU in Portland. On Tuesday, someone from the neurosurgeon's office called to let me know they wanted to move my appointment from Thursday to Wednesday. She also mentioned the doctor would likely admit me after my appointment. I don't think anyone's excited about a hospital stay, but we knew this would be progress toward a more specific diagnosis and eventually treatment.

At the consultation yesterday, the surgeon explained what tests he wanted to run and also that he wanted to do a biopsy on Friday. The results from the tests will help inform the decision about the surgery. Last night, I had another brain MRI and a spinal MRI. It took nearly four hours. We are waiting for the neurosurgeon to fill us in on the results of the scans.

Today I have also seen PT, OT and had an EKG for Pre-op. Everyone here is very friendly and professional. I have gotten lots of compliments from everyone about the awesome socks my friend Michelle brought me.

The hospital is clean and beautiful. Check out the view from our room.

We feel like we are in good hands. The food is even good here. Food is ordered from a menu and it is like room service. There is no green JELLO and all of the fruits and veggies are fresh.

The surgery tomorrow should be a routine procedure for the surgeon. He is experienced in this procedure and is being very thorough before he moves forward. After the procedure, we will have to wait five to seven days to get full results. The results will allow everyone involved to agree on a full treatment plan.

We are in good spirits here and have appreciated everyone visiting and reaching out to us. Will post more as we know more. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


  1. Hey Jordan. Been following your posts and talking with your family. I want you to know that myself and my family are keeping you and yours in our prayers. I love you like my own family and I pray all goes well. Sending my love! <3

    -Karen U.

  2. Nice socks baby!! Scoot over so I can snuggle with you! Jesus sings over you and rises with healing in his wings! Daddy and I Love you so much

  3. Love you sweet girl! Praying soo hard for you and your precious family. Thanks for the updates, I may check for them a little too often. ��

  4. Most beautiful pirate I've ever seen. Aarrrr. ❤️Victory & bravery is your middle name. (You can have two middle names :)

  5. Jordan, I am Praying for your comfort and peace thru all these surgeries, tests, and the waiting!! I am so proud of you, your faith, your strenght, and your bravery!! I am also Praying for you to be touched by the healing hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Praying for quick and speedy full recovery. Prayers for your Mother, Brack, and your kidos. And all your family and dear friends. Your socks are a showcase of cuteness!! I haven't seen you since the Hankins left Georgia, but Facebook is a wonderful tool to keep people connected. Sending my love and hugs sweetheart, from Michelle's Momma, Gail

  6. Jordan, praying constantly for you and your beautiful family. You don't know me but I am keeping up with your journey through your dad's forwardings. Your faith and courage are tetimony to our your upbringing and our loving, all powerful God, and I know He is with you and will see you through this. Your mom and dad are such blessings to my wife and I. We will continue our persistent prayers for you and yours.

    Love in Christ,
    Todd James

    P.S. Nice Socks!