Monday, May 3, 2010

Must haves

This post is dedicated to the products that have made my life easier since bringing a baby home. While this is certainly not all of the things we use and love, these are the few that help me survive every day.
1. The Boppy Pillow 

    You’ll notice about 50% of the pictures we take of Benton are of him in this pillow. I use it for nursing him (so helpful!) but he also likes to hang out in it and look around. If he’s awake and not crying to be held, he will sit contently in the Boppy right next to me on the couch. Like he’s doing right now. I even sit him in it in the bathroom while I take a shower. Don’t worry, I put a towel down first. It's also perfect for his afternoon naps. I think the reason he likes it better than the swing or the bouncer seat is that he can sit in it and be swaddled at the same time. Which brings me to product number two.
    2. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets

      These blankets were given to me by a family friend and mother of four (thanks, Layne!). They are huge, lightweight, soft and perfect for us. Benton loves to be swaddled and with regular receiving blankets his little feet can escape pretty easy. Not in these suckers. Plus they also work great as a nursing cover. I can keep him wrapped up and cover myself at the same time. Genius. (By the way, Target sells a less expensive version of these.)

      3. Pacifier
        I have to admit, I was hesitant to use a pacifier. Not so much because I thought he’d need one until he is 12, but because I didn’t want him to be confused with nursing. Thanks to the advice of my wonderful friend and super mom Michelle, I came to terms with the idea and have never looked back. Benton actually won’t take a pacifier all the time. But when he’s not hungry and just needs to be soothed, it saves me from being the human pacifier. 
        4. The Sling
          The Hotslings AP is my hero. Benton absolutely loves it. He falls asleep almost instantly every time we put him in it. Even if he doesn’t sleep, he is quiet. Which means we never leave home without it. He has sat through three church services, several grocery store trips and a really long chorus concert without making a peep. This particular sling is perfect because it’s adjustable and will also work in a few carrying positions as he gets older. It folds up perfectly to fit in the diaper bag and there are no huge rings or buckles or crazy straps. Love it.

          Benton and I are headed to the grocery store by ourselves for the first time. Hopefully the sling and pacifier will live up to the praises today. Wish us luck!

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