Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm a mom!

My first Mother's Day was perfect. Even though we didn't get to fly to Jamaica like some of our friends (you know who you are), I had a wonderful day with my husband and my tiny baby boy. Benton really knows how to make a mom happy.

He started the day by showing me his new outfit. Seriously? So cute I can't even stand it.

We went to church (where he behaved perfectly in his sling) and then to Doc Chey's for lunch. Yum! Then we got to rest and cuddle at home all afternoon. Benton gave me a sweet card and a book for me to read to him. He was really excited about it. Check out that smile! (You're going to want to click on that picture for a better look. Trust me.)

Later, we went to Rita's for Italian Ice and to Trader Joe's. Then we went for a walk at the park. It was a beautiful day!

Last night he gave me yet another gift. Sleeping for six hours before waking up to eat. Hallelujah.

Thank you, tiny baby, for an amazing day. I love being your mom!


  1. The cuteness is out of control here. Seriously. The book title made me laugh really hard.

  2. too too much for me to take in!! you all made my day!! love you!!

  3. so stinking cute. 6 hours? that's really good right?!!

  4. what kind of friend goes to Jamaica and doesn't take you?! Clearly not a very good one! Glad to hear you had a great first Mother's Day!