Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Rock Show

Last weekend, we took Benton to his first Micah Dalton show at Eddie's Attic. For those of you who don't know Micah, he's an amazing singer/songwriter from Atlanta who just released a new EP. He also sang in our wedding five years ago. 

Benton seemed to love the music. He was not a fan of the talking in between songs and chose that time to whine. Since he was the only one in the entire place under the age 21 and we didn't want to cause a scene, we took turns taking him out in the hall when he got cranky. Too bad they didn't have a "ticket sharing" policy because we weren't all in there together very much.

This is Benton in his rock show outfit. Thanks to Ronny and Sandy for the look. Please note how he even put his little hand in the pocket. Kills me.

Benton also attended his first wedding. Brack's uncle Bo and his beautiful wife Eun-hui got married at Noccalula Falls in Alabama. We had a really fun time. Benton had a cute little collared shirt that he wore during the ceremony but then we had our first poop explosion in public. That shirt is now in the trash. Anyway, here's our family picture after the wedding.

We can't believe how fast the time is going or how happy we are with our little guy. He keeps us laughing and we find ourselves staring at him a lot. I'm sad that in a few days I'll have to spend eight hours a day working instead of playing with my baby. But rest assured I will have breaks for cuddle time. It's necessary to keep up company morale. 


  1. I'm really glad that I was taking my last bite of a Sonic coney dog when I read the words "poop explosion." Awesome. Seriously, though... he's so cute! You guys look great. And I love your stories. :)

  2. Jordan, you look beautiful!!

  3. Should have gotten a pic with Benton and Micah D.! I am sure Micah would have posed with his youngest fan! I get to see Benton tomorrow...oh - and you! :0