Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life with a little monster

My little banana man is three weeks old today. He just gets cuter every day. Apparently, there is a growth spurt at three weeks that means he wants to eat more often. A lot more often. While I'm thankful that Benton is healthy and growing, he's wearing me out. Last night, he nursed for an hour and a half straight. I'm beginning to feel like a cow. 

How is it that a child can be so calm and content during the day and when it's time for bed he turns into a monster? Somehow he thinks around 10:30 pm is the time to be wide awake and inconsolable. Maybe we should get him a watch. We had a little disagreement last night when it took him two hours to finally fall asleep. But this morning we were friends again. I tell him all the time he's lucky that he's cute. I think he's close to smiling (the non-gas type of smile) but it seems like every time he tries hard to smile he goes a little cross-eyed. Bless his heart.

I am really enjoying being home with Benton. I try not to think about the day I go back to work, but I know it's going to be tough. Since we sometimes have long nights, it's nice to be able to take a morning nap together or sit in the rocking chair while we catch up on our TiVo. He loves to be held and I don't mind one bit. I'm learning how to multi-task. I can now fix my lunch or use the computer with a baby in one arm. We get a little more efficient every day.

One of my favorite times of the day is when Brack gets home and wants to spend time with Benton. It's so fun to watch them together. Brack has taken to fatherhood very quickly. I knew he'd be a great dad. We read in one of our baby books that newborns prefer to look at a light/dark contrast so they like facial hair. Brack has used this as an excuse to not shave and Benton just stares and stares at his beard. Yesterday Benton started pulling at it though. Maybe this will encourage the use of a razor.

The little monster is calling me. It has been about an hour since he ate last. Yikes. How long do growth spurts last?


  1. So funny! Adalyn still goes through the stage where as soon as one of us declares "it's about time for bed" to the other, she wakes up and is ready to go.. but not to sleep. I have to dance her all over the house before she calms down. It's great. Tonya says all the time that she feels like all she does is feed Adalyn. A lot of days it's true. That girl is a hogette! And she loves to watch the colors on our HDTV. Definitely loves looking around outside, too. So the contrast thing is probably right.
    Sounds like most babies, ours at least, are alike in many ways!

  2. i remember walking miles around the house, literally, while juggling Nat to sleep those early weeks. and for us, 5-7pm was 'happy hour'. . meaning the screaming, eating constantly, not sleeping hours of the day. ahhhh, memories. and growth spurts? my experience is 1 or 2 weeks. hang on, friend! get to 6 weeks!

  3. Ah yes, the early days. The other poster's comment about getting to 6 weeks is probably pretty accurate. The growth spurts can last a few days or a week or more. Just when you think you've got a tiny hint or smidgen of the possibility of a routine or schedule, he'll do something new. Enjoy the ride and don't worry about it too much. It's completely normal. If you expect it to happen - these sudden appetite changes and melt-downs - then it won't throw you off too much. At least, that's how I had to think about it. You're right: he's getting cuter by the minute. :)

  4. Ellie and I still disagree about bedtime... and she's 6 months old... Wish I had an answer for you.