Monday, February 18, 2013

Spotlight: the baby

For posterity's sake, I want to post an update on all things baby girl. Bear with me while I document what she's doing now and I'll even throw in some cute pictures.

Parker Naomi will be 8 months old on Saturday. I can't seem to remember a time before she was glued to my hip. She is definitely a mama's girl and likes me way more than anyone else in my house likes me.

She's starting to mellow out more as she gets older. Just a month or so ago she wouldn't go 10 minutes without crying to be held, but now she'll entertain herself a lot longer. She also really enjoys people watching.

Admiring her picture on the iPad
She has two teeth (bottom middle) but still doesn't have hair. She will smile at anyone but only Benton can make her laugh. She will roll across the room but only sits up on her own for a minute or two without falling over. She falls asleep on her own at night but still usually wakes up twice.

We're slowly starting to try solid foods. She hasn't been very interested in anything. She did tear apart a Ritz cracker the other day and that seemed to go well. With any luck, we can spend a minimal amount of time on spoon feeding and move right on to finger foods once she's a little more dexterous.

Her favorite toys are an empty wipes package (the crinkly refill kind) and an owl rattle. She says "mama", claps her hands, chews on her tongue and sings along with music.

Playing with her friend, Avery
Parker is curious, sensitive, affectionate, talkative, dramatic and beautiful. She has brought much joy to our family and we are all in love with this sweet baby girl. It's so exciting for me to watch her and Benton's relationship grow and develop. She is one precious little sister.

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