Friday, February 1, 2013

Mini beach vacation

Last weekend, the kids and I were able to tag along with Brack to Jekyll Island for a teaching conference. It was a wonderful time to get away and enjoy some warmer weather, sandy beaches and complimentary continental breakfast.

Right after we checked in Thursday afternoon, we headed straight to the beach. We let Benton run around on the sand and chase birds to his heart's content. He loved every second of it and was very upset when we had to go back to the hotel room to change clothes after he face planted in the water.

We got to sit in on some of Brack's participatory sessions. PE teachers sure know how to have fun! Benton got to learn some line dances and some tennis ball games with his dad. We may have a future educator on our hands.

On Friday, we let Brack stick to his workshops while the kids and I visited the turtles at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. Educational and entertaining.

After that we explored more of the island. We climbed trees, ate some fudge, chased more birds and walked to the pier. Here's a picture of the kids and then a picture of Benton under the same tree two years ago. [No picture from last year because we left him at home with the grandparents.]

One of our favorite parts of the island is the beautiful Driftwood Beach. The last photo is of me and Parker [in utero] in this spot last year.

If you live in Georgia and haven't visited the coast, it's definitely worth a trip! We hope this will continue to be an annual tradition for us.

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