Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen

Last weekend, we made our second annual trip to Atlanta for the circus. It was like deja vu, except this year we had to pay for Benton's ticket and we had an extra baby to carry. 

Ringling Brothers once again put on a great show and kept us all entertained. Even Parker enjoyed herself. It was her first time riding Marta and that really piqued her curiosity. Benton loved the train just as much as last year (comparison picture below).

2012                                                          2013

During the pre-show, we got front row seats to see an elephant dunk a basketball and paint a picture. Benton stood silently through the whole thing. He stood even more silently when the clowns came out for a dance party. He is apparently not interested in large group activities. 

Once we got to our seats Benton got a little more lively. He loved the horses, the motorcycles and the tigers. Parker stared at every light and clapped along to the music. 

Circus tattoo

Somehow we made it out of there without Benton asking us for anything. I thought for sure there were going to be tears if we denied him a sword or $20 bag of cotton candy. But I underestimated him and he didn't make a single demand, much to his parents' great pleasure. 

I recently had an idea for a family goal for 2013. We are going to attempt to adopt a family tradition for each month of the year. Looks like the circus will be our February tradition. By the way, if you buy tickets for the 2014 circus before March 12, you can get 50% off your tickets with the offer code: AMAZE. You're welcome.

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