Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chicken chaser

Remember me telling you about the chickens next door? Benton has always been excited about them and has been known to tell people they are his pets. (Example: "Benton, do you have a dog?" "No, I have chickens.") When one gets out of the coop and visits our backyard, he'll yell "Hey, chicken!" and run around near it. But I've never seen him get too close. It seems he has a healthy fear of what would happen if the chicken decided to come toward him instead of running away from him.

Until now. Our five-year old neighbor showed Benton that the chickens really can't run all that fast and they're pretty easy to catch. After watching his friend once or twice, Benton is now an avid chicken chaser. In his words, "Chickens are nice."

Poor chickens.

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