Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vacation 2k11 part one

Benton is in the middle of an epic vacation that will span several blog posts. He spent the better part of last week in Orlando with Pawpaw, Granny C and Aunt Sunshine. He got to go to lots of cool places.

Fun Spot is a place in Orlando for families to sink their life savings for a few memories. It is a step above the fair and several steps away from the real theme parks in town. We thought it was a perfect place for Benton to ride some of his first rides

He raced down the slide and came in second (the girl on the left cheated.) He took a spin with Spiderman. He rode the trucks.

And finally he rode the scariest ride I have ever seen a baby ride. It should be renamed "The Train of DEATH". Thankfully we did not capture any video of this event. We were too busy standing in horror. Jordan did take a few pictures though.

The ride is a very fast train in which tiny children are only held in by a ratty old shoe string. The ride attendant likes to use the riding time to chat with friends, check his cell phone and do pretty much everything but watch the ride. For some reason Benton didn't seem nearly as worried as Jordan and me.

Benton got to go to M&M world and meet some of the employees.

He even made a pass at the Green M&M (maybe it isn't a myth).

Also while there I decided to join a daycare field trip. I was quickly spotted by the girl I broke in front of and was politely told to get out of her way.

Benton is affectionately known at our house as "Bento Box". He finally got a chance to meet one while in Orlando. It was like two long lost brothers meeting for the first time.

More magical vacation moments to come.


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