Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bento Box

After another eventful weekend, we have yet another blog post. We also have a new nickname for the banana man. Here's the story. We got to see my amazing friend, Lauren, this weekend. She told us that she calls our son Bento Box, which is apparently a japanese boxed lunch. Anyway, the name is now commonly used in our household.

On Friday night, we took the Bento Box to meet his future wife. Madelyn Page Molletta was born to our wonderful friends, Eric and Stephanie, on June 28. Since Benton and Madelyn were betrothed before they were even born, it's a good thing they liked each other. (Don't let Madelyn's face in the following picture fool you. She liked him.) Baby Madelyn is precious and we are so thrilled for our friends.

Saturday night, after a relaxing morning and afternoon at home, we went to Stone Mountain. We walked around the park, had a picnic on the lawn, and stayed for the laser show. Brack hadn't seen it before. He was most amazed by the fact that the crowd's loudest cheers of the night came during Devil Went Down to Georgia. Benton was a champ and surprised us by not screaming when the fireworks started.

Sunday morning, we walked down to Piedmont Park to watch the end of the Peachtree Road Race. We made it just in time to watch the lead runners head toward the finish line. Those guys are fast. Benton (who should have been incredibly cranky thanks to a very late night and a very early morning) watched the whole thing quietly in his stroller.

That afternoon, we went to Fayetteville to celebrate the Fourth and my little sister's 17th birthday. Happy birthday, Brooke! We grilled hamburgers, played volleyball (ok, Benton and I were just spectators), and ate awesome homemade cake and ice cream. 

And it doesn't end there. Monday, Kelly and Michael came to visit us. We tried a great new restaurant, Yeah! Burger, and took a trip to IKEA. I didn't buy anything except a cinnamon roll. What a shame. I tried to convince Brack I needed a 19 cent tumbler, but he wasn't buying it.

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  1. .19 cent? - .19 cent? Should have got it - pretty sure you could have found the .19 cents in the parking lot! Who doesn't NEED a .19 cent tumbler?