Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Haircut remorse

We might have made a terrible mistake. Today, we took Benton to get his first haircut. After several mullet comments the last few weeks and a recent reference to Donald Trump, I realized it might be time to say goodbye to the crazy baby hair. It's been gone almost four hours, and I already miss it.

Here's a "before" picture of Benton from the Memorial Day parade yesterday. Note the luscious baby curls.

Benton waited patiently for his turn with the scissors. He scoped out the cool seats and chose the Hummer over the Barbie car.

This child behaved perfectly. Seriously. Just give him some buttons to press and a cartoon to watch and he's good to go.
The only shaky moment came when he caught a glimpse of the comb and kept trying to reach for it. Crisis averted with an animal cracker. He demanded that they keep coming after that.
After a little electric trimming for good measure, he instantly morphed into a man-child. Where's the baby?
No more curls. But still ridiculously adorable, wouldn't you say?

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