Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring fever

Thank God for protection and mercy during the crazy storms this week. Aside from a couple of hours of sleeping in the hallway, we didn't see any effects on our end of town. I am sad to see the damage and destruction across the South and we're praying for those who are recovering and grieving.

On all other fronts, this Spring has been amazing. We've enjoyed the warmer weather, a growing toddler and lots of food. I feel like most of the funny pictures we now take of Benton revolve around him eating something. Guess that's part of growing. 

 Weaning is well underway and Benton's drinking whole milk like a champ.
 A regular occurrence: snack time in his chair, with or without pants
(Thanks for the chair, Granny C!)
First Chick-fil-A biscuit (hold the chicken)

Pretty soon, he'll be preparing his own meals. He can now open the refrigerator.

Since it fell so late this year, this was actually Benton's first Easter. Last year, I was miserably pregnant at Easter and Benton was born three days later. This year, he participated in his first egg hunt at Mimi's house in Alabama with a hilarious trail of adults following him around the front yard.

 His favorite Easter basket item was the paper grass

Another fun Spring activity has been family walks. We push Benton around the block in his hot rod and stop to play on the school playground. Makes us really excited for the Summer!

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