Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rookie of the year

We have a toddler. Well, technically I don't suppose he's a toddler until he's walking, but in any case we no longer have an infant. Our little Bento Box turned one and this is my attempt to document the celebration.

Our plans for Benton's actual birthday were immediately thwarted when he woke up way too early only to puke all over his dad. We scrapped the pancake breakfast and replaced it with lots of cuddling and naps (complete with towel barriers between us and the vomiter).

He started to feel better (and quit spewing) in the afternoon, so we had our last mandatory weekly photo, this time decked out in birthday gear.

Over the weekend, Benton had a Braves birthday party with family and friends. Even though we had envisioned a tailgate party, the Braves game got moved to 1pm that day so it was more like a "turn off the game since the Phillies are murdering us and let's just eat" party.

The little man's appetite was still not in full force from a few days before, so the cake smash wasn't all we expected. He was more interested in smearing icing on my face. But the cake was cute and we have adorable pictures so I'm happy.

He got way too many presents. We're so thankful that people love our boy and are generous to him. Just not so sure where to put it all.

The day after his party, we took Benton to the Braves game and stayed around for some of the Avett Brothers concert. He was a champ and loved the people watching just like his mom. How long can he get away with pointing at everything/everyone before it's considered rude?

It was quite the birthday weekend. We so loved celebrating our tiny man and our first year as a family. Our best year yet. We love you, Benton.

P.S. Photo credits to Aunt Connie and Kara...theirs are the good ones.

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