Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Festivities

Fall has brought quite a few fun opportunities to us this year. Next week, we take on the biggest activity yet: our first real road trip as a family of four. We're headed north to visit family for Thanksgiving--a car ride that typically takes 10 hours one-way but could no doubt be substantially longer this time around. We leave one week from today and my checklists and packing lists have already begun. Does it sound like I'm anticipating disaster?

Anyway, there's a lot to document from the last few weeks so let's get to it. Halloween brought not only trick-or-treating, but also a neighborhood Fall Festival. (Or, as Benton adorably says, Faw Festibul.) I can't get over how incredibly blessed we have been by our neighborhood and the people who live here. God is so good! This cute little festival is just one of the sweet surprises we've had since moving into Hillside. It was so fun to see all the kids come out. And we were glad Nana and Papa Joe got to come along with us to see the babies in their costumes. I present to you: hot dog and hamburger.

Benton was really looking forward to his first official year of trick-or-treating. We went out with our friend Ben and his son Henry (the lion) and our friend Gabriel (the soccer star). Benton loved knocking on doors and filling his pumpkin with treats. I am very impressed with how accepting he has been of our candy-in-moderation rule. He has one or two pieces of candy a day and he willingly shares with Mom and Dad. What a good kid. Parker didn't get all the fuss but she did act like quite the little ladyburger and let us drag her along.

We also went to a birthday party for some friends of Benton. These precious girls were in his daycare class last year. They had an adorable Dr. Seuss party on a beautiful day. Our kids didn't want to cooperate with the photo op, but don't the birthday girls make a perfect Thing 1 and Thing 2?

Last week, Granny CC and Pawpaw came to town for the weekend. Benton got to show off his new house and then we went to the local Japanese steakhouse for dinner. I'm not sure what he liked more: the aquarium, the fire or the fried rice. He ate everything. Including the soup and salad. 

Last Friday, Brack had his school Fall Festival. After the neighborhood event, Benton knew what to expect and was looking forward to playing games and getting treats. Coach Hassell did not disappoint and we had another great time. (P.S. Obviously that green dinosaur t-shirt is the official garment of the fall. I need to get my kid some more long sleeved options.)

And finally, the one fall event I have most been looking forward to, a visit to The Rock Ranch. This was our first time visiting although I've been trying to get us there for awhile. Of course, Saturday was the last day they were open to the public for Fall Family Fun Day. It was seriously a perfect day and well worth my anticipation. The weather was gorgeous, it wan't super crowded and the activities did not disappoint. Plus, where else can you ride a pony, drive a tractor AND eat Chick-fil-A Ice Dream? Good day. If you're in the metro Atlanta area and haven't been, you should check it out during a family day next summer or fall. Nana and Papa Joe came to play with us, too.

So thankful for my sweet family and the memories we are making. I'm overwhelmed by how much God has blessed us. I pray that I remember that continually and will remain content in the Lord, even when the madness of the day-to-day begins to creep in and threaten my joy. Oh what a gracious Father!

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