Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy birthday, Martha

My alma mater (and employer) Berry College has a homecoming celebration each October in honor of our founder's birthday. Martha's birthday party is a good excuse to eat barbecue, march up and down a hill, and catch up with old friends. I won't try to explain all of the traditions involved, but I will say that Mountain Day 2010 was one of my favorites yet.
Not only was it Benton's first Mountain Day, but it was the first time in five years my best college friends and I were all together. There are four and a half babies between us (Baby Smith arrives March 2011). They all played well together. Benton needs to get his act together and sit up like the big kids.

Hannah (16 months)

Caedmon (13 months)

Jack (10 months)

Benton (6 months) and Erika (317 months)

Even baby Madelyn was there! (3 months)

Thanks for the party, Martha. It's always a good time on the mountain.

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