Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halfway to one

I have a six month old. Hard to believe, huh? It's been a quick six months and yet I have a hard time remembering life before Benton.

We've been busy and Benton's been right in the middle of everything. Braves games, college visits, birthday parties. He even sat in on my performance evaluation at work this week. He just wanted to tell my boss how hard I've been working.

We tried solid foods this week. Benton's a lot more interested in holding the spoon and touching the food than eating it. Guess he's not in a hurry and that's fine with me. Turns out it's messy. Sweet potatoes were the only semi-successful try. 

Other things you may or may not want to know about the Bento Box:
-Trying really hard to crawl
-A tooth is almost in
-Still not sleeping through the night
-Copies noises and faces that we make
-Can give a high five upon request about 12% of the time
-Thinks it hilarious when someone throws and catches a ball
-Love watching sports in HD
-Now sporting a mustache

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