Sunday, June 13, 2010

An update

The countdown to the beach has begun. Seven days! Brack hasn't had a week-long vacation since our honeymoon five years ago so he is ready. Looking forward to a relaxing time at the beach! No oil spill can ruin this for us. Here's Benton modeling his swimwear for us. Hopefully he'll be a little more chipper next week. 

In the meantime, here's an update on life with the Hassells. We are praying hard that Brack will be able to get a teaching job for the fall. He finishes his Master's degree in Health and PE in August. With all of the school budget cuts and changes, there aren't many openings at all. He's also taking the certification exam for Special Education next weekend. If he passes that, he'll be certified for any special ed job and there are a lot more of those available. Pray with us that he is hired and can use the degree he's worked so hard to earn!

We also still own our house in Rome. Since the housing market still isn't great, we're going to try to rent it again. Our last renting experience didn't leave such a good taste in our mouths so we'll be a lot more careful this time. We just renewed our lease at our apartment for another six months so we definitely need to sell that house or get a renter in there quickly.

Benton is hilarious and puts smiles on our faces constantly. It's amazing to me that the Lord is blessing us with this new life at exactly the right time. I am convinced we'd be in a hard place right now if it weren't for this little monster. We're so thankful for this joy we experience daily that reminds us of God's goodness and grace. 

Speaking of the munchkin, he's growing like a weed. He's officially out of newborn clothes and we're about to move up to the next diaper size. He has a double chin and chunky thighs. I love every piece of him. Brack and I find ourselves looking back at pictures from the early days and wondering who switched out our tiny baby with this "juicy" one. (Thanks to Beth for that new adjective.)

Benton's skills include holding small toys, sitting in a Bumbo seat and sucking on his hand. He's all smiles first thing in the morning and almost every time he's getting his diaper changed. We've put him in the nursery at church the last two weeks and they tell us he's been very well behaved. Of course they could be lying to us but we haven't been kicked out yet. 

Tomorrow, Benton gets to meet his great-grandparents from Indiana. My Mam and Pap are coming to visit and we're really excited. They're even going to help my parents baby-sit tomorrow night while Brack and I go see Conan at the Fox. Looking forward to a night out with my husband! 


  1. Ha! love the swim wear. With Brack's kid I was excepting a speedo! But this one is much better! Relly looking forward to Thurday!

  2. Enjoy your vacation!! Not to get you down or anything, but Jack doesn't sleep well on vacation at all! Hope Benton is a good sleeper for ya!!