Monday, August 7, 2017

Conclusion of the East Coast Tour!

Benton and Parker are back! Kim (Jordan's mom) brought the kids back to Oregon last week. We are absolutely thrilled to have the other half of our family back with us. These kids hit the ground running and we have all been going to bed every night absolutely worn out. We are excited to have another month of summer left with these kiddos!

Joy at the airport!
Popsicles with friends on a hot afternoon.
Parker got a long overdue haircut to match Jordan.

Some awesome gifts from our friends in Bend!
Jordan's mom brought back cheese dip from Georgia. Biggest smile I've seen on Jordan's face in a while.
Always a good day when Jordan gets her hands on a baby.
How we have ended every day. Passed out!
Beating the heat in Parkdale with some time in the pool.
We picked over 14 pounds of blueberries at a friend's farm.
Our family sent us some Ginger Tea from South Korea for Jordan to drink to help with nausea.
Sharing a meal with out of town friends in Parkdale.

Good to have a house filled with laughter and noise again.
We found a snake in our front yard. Parker is always curious when it comes to animals.
Benton Learned a new card game in GA and has been teaching us.
Hello from Oregon!
Jordan starts treatment on Wednesday. We have lots to share over the next few days. So stay tuned.



  1. I thought I might move to Oregon until I found out about the snake in the front yard. Love the updates!