Sunday, April 6, 2014

Birthday camping

Benton has been asking for months to go camping. He saw kids making s'mores in the woods on TV and wanted in on that action. Brack was on spring break this week and happily obliged our almost-four-year-old.

They hiked, set up camp, explored, saw a lizard, waded in the creek, cooked noodles and, yes, ate s'mores. Benton came home dirty, happy and already planning his next trip. Thanks to Brack for bringing the camera along to take pictures for this sentimental mom.

It was the perfect father/son trip to celebrate Benton's 4th birthday. Can't believe my boy will be 4 tomorrow. He fills my heart and our home with much joy (and many, many words) every single day. Happy birthday, kid.

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