Sunday, August 19, 2012

My new house

Raise your hand if you had a crazy summer!

We didn't think the challenge of adding a second child to the family was quite enough to handle, so we decided to throw in a couple of other life-changing events while we were at it.

I am officially no longer working in college admissions. After much thought and prayer, Brack and I made the decision for me to stay home with the kiddos for right now. I am both excited and terrified. Brack went back to work at the beginning of August and somehow I've managed to keep both kids alive since then. It's a learning curve for sure but I am beyond blessed to have this opportunity. The pay isn't great but the benefits are amazing. (Wow, that was cheesy. I'm embarrassed).

On top of that, we also made a geographic change. We moved to LaGrange to be close to Brack's school (less than two miles!). He now rides his bike to work and couldn't be happier. We are really loving the community we moved into. Looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for us here!

Our cute little two-bedroom home in LaGrange is lovingly referred to as "my new house" by Benton. It's definitely smaller than our last house so we've been getting cozy. Lots of character though along with an awesome backyard and a very kid-friendly neighborhood. Throw in a swingset and our neighbor's chickens that come to visit every now and then and Benton is in heaven.

Parker is sleeping in our room for now but eventually the babies will share a room. We really don't mind having just two bedrooms. We have had to be creative with storage space though. We all four share one closet! I told you we're cozy.

I'm very thankful for "my new house", our new community, my new "job" and the new experiences to come. And when I feel like I might lose my sanity, I pray that I'll remember how incredibly blessed we are. Just look.

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