Thursday, July 5, 2012


At our house, we're all busy learning to adjust to our new reality. Parker is adapting to life outside the womb, Benton is realizing that he's not the only kid around here anymore, and Brack and I are mostly in denial that we have two children.

The last two weeks have been kind of a blur, but we are slowly coming out of the fog and adjusting to our new normal. Things have actually been going pretty well and we're thankful for a relatively smooth transition so far.

Benton has exceeded our expectations in his role as Big Brother. He asks to hold Parker every day and he loves to cuddle with her.

We took our first family walk to the playground with the double stroller when Parker was two days old.

Parker sleeps about 18 hours a day. I'm not complaining or anything, but just about the only thing we've found that wakes her up consistently is giving her a bath. She does not enjoy those at all.

The only picture so far of me and Parker. Love this baby girl!

 Parker on her one-week birthday. She slept right through the photo shoot.

My two firecrackers on the Fourth of July. So blessed!


  1. SO excited to see some pink in your life! We need
    To do lunch at some point!

  2. Hassell, family of four! whoo hoooo!