Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greatest Show on Earth

Even though we've been undergoing circus training for a while now (remember this?), we had never personally experienced anything quite like the Greatest Show on Earth. We were excited to be able to take Benton to the circus in Atlanta yesterday. We'd been talking it up for a few days so I was nervous we would all be disappointed. But the Ringling Brothers delivered.

We decided to save a few bucks on parking and take Marta up to Atlanta. Benton loved riding the "train" and hopefully didn't annoy too many fellow passengers with his "choo-choo" sounds.

We got there just in time for the pre-show where everyone gets to go on the floor and see the performers up close. I think Benton was a little overwhelmed at first and didn't quite know where to look. He saw clowns, horses, acrobats, a man on stilts, tightrope walkers and an elephant. Lots to take in.

When the show was about to start, we made the hike up to our cheap seats a mile high and got settled in. For reference on how high we were, when the regular-sized horses came in Benton thought they were doggies. But the show was really great and it was actually nice to be able to see the entire arena at once. Benton was captivated right away by the lights, music, animals, sounds and stunts. I was very impressed with his attention span. He clapped after every performance.

We really had a great time. I think the circus was about 30 minutes too long for a nearly-two-year-old, but that was probably just because he had missed his nap. We've always said that Benton is a trooper and yesterday was no exception. Thanks to Barnum and Bailey for putting on a great show!


  1. What a special day! Benton, you have wonderful parents!! Love you all!

  2. Oh man I am JEALOUS, I've never been to a circus. Btw Benton's little face makes me squeal like an idiot, sitting here alone in my house. What a cutie.