Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wheels on the Bus

Turns out Benton is picking up things at school other than coughs and a runny nose. We just discovered today that he knows this song.

Also, this is now how he sits in his car seat. Like he's the king.

Last week for Thanksgiving, Benton got to spend a lot of time with the family. Here he is playing with his cousin Cooper in Alabama.

He also got to break the wishbone with his Uncle Zach and Uncle Jess. 

After Thanksgiving, we put up the Christmas tree. This is new for Benton since last year we just had a baby tree. We're not sure if the tree is worth it or not yet. So far, the number of times we say "no" every day has increased by a thousand.

But we're definitely excited about Christmas! Should be a visit with Santa coming soon.

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