Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday

There are no creative or witty comments available from me or Brack today. We're wiped out from a busy weekend. But I did want to share some recent Benton happenings with you, so here goes.

Visiting our newest friend, Caroline Grace

Playing with Aunt Sunshine's iPad
(he has since asked for one for his birthday)

Eating his first pancakes

Stuffing his face with cookies after breaking into the box

Lifting weights

We've been taking Benton's picture each week since he was born. Our plan is to put them in a book to document his first year. As he's been getting older, it's becoming more challenging to get the little snot to cooperate. This week, I took a quick video of our attempt to get a decent picture of him. It's a team effort.

1 comment:

  1. Jack LOVED watching the video where y'all are trying to get Benton to smile! Every time it would end he would say "more. more." And when Benton would put his wrist to his mouth, Jack would, too. Jack even tried to mimick the laughing sound that Brack was making! hahaha Good video, I guess!