Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Future runner

A couple of weekends ago, me and Benton witnessed something crazy. Brack ran his first ultra-marathon. It was bananas.
About 150 people ran the 40-mile trail race in a state park in middle Georgia. Benton and I got to see Brack about every 4-5 miles at the aid stations. We were there waiting with more water, energy gels, fruit, chocolate and lots of cheering.
It was super cold. I tried my best to bundle up the little man and we stayed in the car between stops as long as we could. I expected him to protest: getting in and out of the car, sitting in the wind, wearing a hat. But there were no meltdowns. In fact, one man who we saw at every stop said, "That's the best baby I've ever seen." At least Benton had that guy fooled.
This REI hat is my favorite baby purchase to date.
At one stop, I unbuckled a slightly-asleep Benton from his car seat and went to get stuff out of the trunk. About 45 seconds later, I found him like this.
Benton cheered on his dad all day. Nothing like an adorable baby to keep you motivated. He made a pretty great race crew. This is the last stop, about 6 miles from the finish line. Looking good, Daddy!
Brack finished 40 miles in 8 hours and 10 minutes. We couldn't be more proud. Can't wait until Benton can run beside him.

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  1. nice job brack!! also love the hat i need one that jer can't pull off his head.